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Pin Kasemsiri- Pin is a CEO and co-founder of CareerVisa. Before turning a full-time entrepreneurs, Pin developed experience in an area of persuasive communication & creativity as she has spent 5+ years in strategic communication advising global brands from L’Oreal Paris, Maybelline New York, Cadbury, and Procter & Gamble for both Thai and ASEAN market. She was awarded McCann Worldgroup “Rising Star” in 2012. Pin holds a BBA degree from Thammasat University. Besides her role at CareerVisa, Pin also serves as a lecturer in career planning at School of Global Studies.

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Thiraya Thirarakanat (M) is a CFO&COO of CareerVisa. Besides her role at CareerVisa, she is a management trainee in YP2G, fast track program, of PTT Group, the largest energy conglomerate in Thailand. M has wide range of work experience in terms of functions, geographical locations, and industries. In terms of functions, her experiences range from business development, finance and marketing. In terms of geographical locations, prior to her current base in Bangkok, she was an expatriate in the Philippines and Lao PDR. In terms of industries, she has experience in oil&gas and power industries. M holds an MBA from Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, USA, with sponsorship from PTT Public Company Limited, and BBA from Thammasat University.

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Wasuthorn Harnnapachewin (Ploy) – Ploy is a CKO and co-founder of CareerVisa. Ploy gains her experience in the area of people and leadership development as she has spent 5+ years in human resource management and development consulting firms serving all level of people and organizations. She was awarded by the Association of Talent Development (USA) as a “One-to-Watch” in 2015. Ploy is also recognized by World Women Leadership Congress and was a speaker at World HRD Congress – 24th Edition during Women Panel and Super Women Achiever Award Session. She holds a MS degree from NIDA and BBA degree from MUIC. Besides her role at CareerVisa, Ploy serves as a director of coaching and consulting business at a top local consulting firms and was a senior consultant at global consulting firms.

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Natticha is a Business Development Manager at CareerVisa Thailand. Prior to joining CareerVisa Thailand, Natticha was a Project Manager and Legal Advisor at JYP Entertainment Thailand. She has successfully planned and managed over 20 projects. Natticha graduated from Yonsei University in South Korea with a Master’s in International Law and Organizations. Prior to that she graduated Bachelor of Laws from Thammasat University. She is an accomplished team player and experienced in international environments.

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Tossaporn Chiravinijnandh (Tos) – Tos is a business development director at CareerVisa. Besides his role at CareerVisa, Tos is currently working for his own family business, an automotive related manufacturer, involving in a wide range of functions from sales and marketing to production side. Before joining his family business, he spent a year working for a global marketing research company focusing on new product testing and sales forecasting. In addition, he has experiences in finance field working as an M&A advisor in a global professional service firm initiating cross-border M&A transactions and partnerships. Tos holds an MBA with a concentration in entrepreneurship from Babson College and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Thammasat University.

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Sasiporn Mewongukote (May) – May is our Marcom director.